Photo of Ascent(R) AP DC power supply
AE Advances Plasma Control Innovation for Precision Sputtering

AE’s Ascent® DMS accessory introduced landmark power precision and control, enabling advanced dual-magnetron sputtering process and cost-of-ownership benefits. Now, the Ascent AP power supply extends these industry-leading capabilities into precision single-magnetron metallic and reactive sputtering processes. With patented pulsing technology, the convenient single-box Ascent AP solution proactively inhibits arcs, and its wide operational range unlocks a range of material options to extend process flexibility and material innovation.

Benefits Features
  • High film quality and throughput
  • Repeatable, customizable films
  • Higher power levels with reduced arc damage
  • Easy integration and control
  • Extended process flexibility and innovation
  • Patented pulsing technology for remarkable arc prevention
  • Compact, single-unit solution (up to 30 kW)
  • Set point compensation™ technology—stable throughput
  • Wide operational range to enable a variety of process materials